Welcome to EM Board Rounds Blog.  We hope to build a nice collection of interesting cases and clinical images that we have seen on shift.  These don’t necessarily have to be from ED shifts.  All are encouraged to participate.  Please help further all of our learning by submitting any case that you find particularly educational, weird, interesting, etc.  We will try to publish a case each week with case resolution and learning points published the next day.  If you wish to contribute, please follow the template below and submit it to EMboardrounds@gmail.com.  Our team will review the information for accuracy and publish cases as they are submitted.  Please feel free to submit feedback or ideas to help make this into a worthwhile resource for all.




Relevant vitals/PMH/meds/allergies, etc:

Work up: ECG, labs, imaging

Ddx: Things to consider


What you learned from the case:

Key points to the diagnosis, treatment, dispo, etc. ~~